About Pathways Home

The Payce Foundation, Women’s Community Shelters, and Bridge Housing are the founding partners of the Pathways Home project, a meanwhile use housing collaboration that seeks to create 100,000 bed nights over three years where women and their children can live free from domestic and family violence.  Women and their children who flee domestic and family violence need help to end their homelessness once their initial needs have been addressed by our skilled community workers.  Access to secure and affordable housing is a critical component to end their homelessness and provide opportunities to live a life free from violence. 

What is meanwhile use housing?

The term meanwhile use originates from the UK where it was used to describe vacant land and building that could be used for commercial use or cultural and community development purposes. For Pathways Home, meanwhile use housing describes residential property that is land banked during a development cycle.  It is made available for the provision of exit housing for women and their children who are clients of Women’s Community Shelters and who need an exit point from our shelters. 

Why are partners involved?

Each partner brings their specific expertise to support a comprehensive and responsive collaboration. 

  • Women’s Community Shelters: works directly with women and their children experiencing domestic and family violence and has extensive expertise in working in partnership with other services. 
  • Community Housing Providers: skilled tenancy and property management services with expertise in supporting individuals achieve sustainable housing solutions.
  • Developers: unused property resources that provide significant opportunities for vulnerable people to be safely housed.

Domestic and family violence and homelessness

  • Domestic and family violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women and their children.
  • In 2017-2018, 42% of people assisted by homelessness services had experienced domestic and family violence.
  • Access to safe, affordable housing is critical as Women’s Community Shelters works with clients to assist them to re-establish lives after fleeing to seek safety.
  • Australia’s housing system is broken with 2 in 5 people in rental stress even after receiving Commonwealth Rent Assistance.
  • The number of people homeless has increased by 14% in four years.
  • The impact of domestic and family violence can be serious and long lasting, affecting an individual’s health, wellbeing, education, relationships and housing outcomes.  Costs to the community are substantial and estimated to be at least $22 billion in 2015 – 16.[1]


[1] KPMG 2016. The cost of violence against women and their children in Australia. Sydney: Department of Social Services.