The Perfect Red: Va Va Voom





Heath is our hunky Colour Director in Surry Hills & Bondi

Most people hear Heath before they see him, his lovable personality makes him a client favourite


“Reds…without a doubt my favourite redhead is Julianne Moore! They have impact

and are noticed when they enter a room. Those who embrace their red/copper tend to be

confident, strong and vibrant. You can create different results or reflects 

to offer noticeable change while remaining in the red/copper genre. To keep reds/coppers 

looking their best, have it maintained every 4-6 weeks. I always recommend

a colour maintenance shampoo & conditioner and utilising a colour pigmented conditioner to boost

the reflect between colour services. Be strong, Be confident, Get ya Reds/Coppers on! 


Sarah Jay is our outgoing and eccentric Colour Director in Bondi

She is always wearing big earrings


“A client with or wanting red hair is rare to come across these days,

among the beachy blonde waves of my Bondi clients. It’s exciting and challenging 

when I have a client who wants rustic warm rouges or bubbly bright coppers. 

One of the first things you need to consider for your client is eye colour and skin tone. 

Cool, soft coppers are beautiful on clients that have green or blue eyes making them pop,

verses most rich and vibrant reds that suit pale complexions,

enhancing the skin tone giving it more warmth. “


Rochelle is our sparkling Colour Specialist in Surry Hills 

She is a beer connoisseur and adds broccoli to everything!


Copper stands out in a crowd but in an elegant way. It’s understated but vibrant.

Every red is different, so it’s rewarding as a colourist to give a client such a unique

colour. The tone of the red really depends on the client’s individual skin tone and personality.”



Hair Icons | Madonna through the years

Madonna is and always will be an icon. Her career, spanning nearly 40 years, has spawned a multitude of legendary hairstyles. Check out a few of our favorites!


Natural texture/frosted blonde Madonna:

Platinum Blonde Roller Set Madonna:

Breathless Mahoney Curls For Days Madonna:

Blonde Ambition Ponytail Madonna:

Blunt Black Bob Madonna:

Strawberry Blonde Disco Comeback Madonna:

Rooty Blonde Beach Waves Madonna:

Brigitte Bardot Bombshell Madonna:

Richie Shazam for i-D | Hair by Dale Delaporte

Prema New York friend and client Richie Shazam discusses life in-front of and behind the lens with i-D, featuring hair by Prema Creative Director Dale Delaporte.

“Richie Shazam is the self-described ‘NYC Bollywood Princess’ and a photographer, who has walked the runway for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Ashish, shot for Interview and Thom Browne, and injected some much needed glamor into New York’s sometimes drab streets. During the summer, the creative polyglot is seemingly omnipotent Downtown, usually wearing something rather miniscule. “I need things in my wardrobe that express my DNA very vibrantly,” Shazam says, which is one way of describing their often wild, always fabulous getups.”

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Photography Conor Lucas