TREND ALERT! Red Hot Girl Summer

In June, both Rihanna and Zendaya debuted their new crimson colored hair. Considering these two phenomenal ladies epitomize style, we’re going to take a wild guess and say that a red hair surge is on the horizon! 

Red can be an intimidating color to pull off, but with the right expertise and application, you’ll be loving your new vampy look! Choosing the right tone of red is definitely the key. A cool based red is most flattering on cooler skin tones, while a more copper-based red suits warmer toned skin. If your skin is more neutral, you can pull off either! With that said, hair should be fun and there aren’t any rules so do what makes YOU feel best!

Once you go red, what about at-home maintenance? Prema New York colorist Mags says, “Give your hair at least 48 hours after going red before using shampoo. This will give the color time to settle in your hair. Don’t worry, you can still rinse and condition!”

Gregg Lennon, Salon Director of Prema New York, says that it’s imperative to wash your hair using water “as cool as you can handle”. This will preserve the red pigment that tends to fade out over time. He also states that extended time in the sun can fade out color, so be sure to pack your favorite hat for that day at the beach!

Both Gregg and Mags agree that it’s most important to use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Even better if you’re using something made for colored or  even specifically red hair.

Whether you’re wanting to play with true copper tones like Ariel Winter or a bold red like Rihanna, head into Prema, book a consultation with your colorist, and achieve your hair goals today!

Prema Bondi Junction Renovation August 2019

Prema Bondi Junction has been a staple in Sydney for 15 years. Inspired by a spiritual journey throughout India where he learned a powerful Sanskrit word for “love”, founder Francesco Ruggerino returned to Sydney and in 2004 Prema was born. 

From its opening in 2004 to now, Prema Bondi Junction has grown to be one of Australia’s biggest hair salons, generating buzz amongst clients, hairdressers, designers, and more. Prema also won the 2004 World Retail Design Award for best global retail design.

After 15 years of transforming our clients’ looks, it’s time for our own makeover at Prema Bondi Junction! Enlisting the genius talent of Vince Squillace at Squillace Architects, Francesco wanted to update the overall look of the salon while maintaining the quintessential Prema vibe that flows throughout our 3 salons worldwide. The salon has always had such a special energy and we’re looking forward to taking it to the next level!


Prema Bondi Junction will be closed for 3 weeks, starting Monday 5th August 2019 through Wednesday 21st August 2019.

Thank you to all of our lovely clients for your continued support! We can’t wait for you to experience Prema Bondi Junction 2.0.

Nick Irwin & the F.A.M.E. Team x Prema Surry Hills

The Fellowship Academy of Merit and Excellence is an annual initiative that was created by the British Fellowship of Hairdressing to nurture, encourage and promote an elite group of young, up-and-coming hairdressers in all aspects of the industry. Each year, 4 hairdressers are chosen to be a part of the F.A.M.E. team. The talented team this year consists of:

  • Ashley Cockrell, Percy & Reed

  • Tania Faenza, Toni & Guy Canary Wharf

  • Lora Griffin, Simon Webster Hair

  • Alastair Jubbs, VAE Hair

The stylists are mentored by the team leader; this year being lead by the extraordinary editorial and celebrity hairdresser Nick Irwin. The F.A.M.E. Team Project Leader ensures that the four members have a calendar of incredible educational opportunities, as well as providing the support and guidance throughout their 1 year tenure as part of the F.A.M.E. team.

Nick and the team jetted over to Australia to showcase their skills at the annual Hair Expo in Sydney. Prema was lucky enough to host the team at our Surry Hills location while they prepped for the renowned event. The salon was abuzz with all of the hair that needed to be done, as well as scouting models for the show and creating a spontaneous photoshoot in the process of all the beautiful chaos. It was an absolute pleasure hosting Nick and the F.A.M.E. Team and we hope to see them all again soon!

WorldSkills Catwalk Challenge at Hair Expo 2019

The WorldSkills Hair Expo Challenge invites hairdressing apprentices to the main stage at Hair Expo to demonstrate their skills and compete against their peers.

Prema Bondi Junction’s 2018 Apprentice of the Year winner Giovanna “Gigi” Piscicelli entered AND WON the challenge this year! We caught up with Gigi to pick her brain and find out exactly what she did to create the award winning look.

What was the theme of the competition and how did you interpret it?

The theme for this year’s competition was “Camp” to coincide with the Met Gala theme – so inspiring as there was no limit. My idea was inspired by actress Danai Gurira’s take on camp for the gala’s pink carpet; her look stood out to me so much. She was giving confidence, independence, boldness, and strength – the perfect embodiment of sexiness! Her outfit was simple but effective. No loud colours or patterns were needed as the silhouette of the outfit is already camp and over the top with the extra long gown, the bucket hat and the cane.

How did you go about preparing for the competition? 

After receiving the criteria I then started off by making a plan of what needed to be done. I didn’t initially understand the Camp theme so I had to research it and fully grasp the inspiration. I then started to do mood boards of outfit ideas, hair ideas and makeup ideas that I liked.


The criteria for hair was an up-style. The hair needed to be in a ponytail and completing the look would need to be done on stage in 30 minutes. I started practicing different upstyles on a mannequin head, getting tips and tricks from seniors during education days, and even in downtime my colleagues would come and help me out.


Once I set my mind on my final look, I had to find models so I started to ask around. Thankfully one of my old friends from high school was more than willing to be my model. I asked the Salon Director, Johnny Ruggerino, if it was okay to come into the salon on my days off. I started practicing my upstyles, timing, and techniques. I was guided by Prema Education Director Garreth Lenagh, who helped me fine-tune my skillset and hone in on skills I never knew I had! The Tafe teachers, Trish and Angela, have supported me along the way. The Bondi and Surry Hills teams helping and supporting me throughout the competition was such a magical feeling.

How did it feel to win? 

When participating in competitions I don’t think about winning. The first thing that comes to mind is getting where I want to be, the techniques I’ll need to utilize and most importantly being able to learn new things every step of the way. Winning is just a bonus that you get when entering competitions.


Winning the Hair Expo and taking first place was such an overwhelming feeling that it brought me to tears! Knowing that the judges liked my work was such an amazing feeling. Hearing my family and the Prema team cheering for me was a so beautiful. The realisation that hard work truly does pay off at the end could be one of the most rewarding aspects of competing.